Signature Pieces


With both designer Linda Moss and goldsmith Ken Singleton pushing the limits of their craft,  Singleton-Moss has produced numerous one-of-a-kind pieces.  This gallery is meant to display those jewelries that exemplify the unique qualities exclusive to Singleton-Moss designs.

  They represent skill and craftsmanship virtually unmatched in our particular field of jewelry design, and with imagination and uncompromised elegance such pieces become Signature Singleton-Moss designs.

This gallery has creations representative of both custom designs for specific clients and one-of-a-kind showroom pieces.  In browsing through them, please keep in mind that they are also representative of possible future custom designs...

Explore the range of what Singleton-Moss can do for you!



Ladies Rings




Above, a truly exceptional piece!  This platinum ring's center stone is a brilliant 1.80 carat bezel-set Burmese ruby.  It is surrounded by 0.36 carats of French-bead set diamonds that only further compliment the shape and color of the ruby.  On either side of this center round " table" are a pair of heart-shaped 0.25 carat diamonds of VVS quality and D color.  Leading away from these diamonds is a hand-engraved wheat-patterned design running fully around the band.  On the sides of the center round " table" of the ring are hand-formed 18k yellow gold gallery work, each of which is a highly stylized " F" initial.  Between each pair is a small diamond accent that completes the design.  Beautiful, elegant, and an enviable addition to any jewelry collection.





A beautiful ladies platinum ring! Center stone is a princess-cut .97 carat, VS1 quality, F-color diamond.  Surrounding the center stone are French bead-set diamonds of .02 carat each. Three bead-set diamonds of .02 carat each form a triangle on either side of the raised center platform.  Ring is accented with four panels of detailed scrollwork.  A truly one-of-a-kind piece.


The classic design of a traditional three-stone ring is brought to a higher standard of elegance with dual bands with French bead-set diamonds on either side. Center diamond is .50 carat, VS2 quality, F-color, and is flanked by two .21 carat, VS2 quality, F-color diamonds. All diamonds are set in 4-prong 18k white gold.  Each band, also 18k white gold, contains ten .02 carat diamonds.




A stunning pair: platinum wedding set with one-of-a-kind hand-engraving.

Band contains seven .05 carat French bead-set diamonds.  Engagement ring has a 1.25 carat, VS2 quality, F-color diamond in a 4-prong setting, and is accented by galley work and detailed hand-engravings in the band.






Above, a thoroughly elegant ring! A trillion tanzanite accents by natural fancy yellow diamond rounds graduating in size. Hand-made platinum band is accented 18k yellow gold gallery-work below both the tanzanite and diamonds on both sides of the crowns. An enviable piece.




A truly exquisite ring!  Made in platinum and 18k yellow gold with finely detailed, hand-engraved wheat design in platinum, hand-engraved wheat design in the yellow gold and detailed platinum galley work of scripted initials at the base of the crown.  Center stone is a 1 carat diamond set in 8-prong platinum.  On either side of the center diamond are two rows of princess-cut diamonds.  Each row contains five .05 carat diamonds.  A stylish and unique piece for any wearer.



A once-in-a-lifetime piece!  This engagement ring has a hand-made 18k yellow gold band with platinum accents.  In a hand-made   platinum crown rests a museum-quality center stone: a fancy-cut heart shaped   5.03 carat diamond of VVS1 quality and D-color.  Surrounding the center diamond are pave-set VVS quality, D-color diamonds totaling 1.25 carat. A model ring for any jewelry collection.



Gents Rings


A one-of-a-kind men's wedding band, in 14k yellow and white gold.  Twelve .10 carat diamonds are channel set in center of piece. On either end of these diamonds are a hand-engraved lion and lioness in 14k white gold. Further accenting the ring is a detailed and hand-engraved " tree of life" design in 14k yellow gold on sides of band, with a .05 carat round diamond set in the center of each design.



A unique design in an original gents ring. A 4 carat center diamond set in a hand-made platinum crown.  At the base of the crown is hand-engraved galley work, also in platinum. In the 18k yellow gold band is a hand-engraved classic wheat design.



Truly a men's ring!  A two-tone band in 18k yellow gold and platinum.  On 18k side is a princess-cut, 1.5 carat fancy yellow diamond in a 4-prong setting. Mirroring it is another princess-cut 1.5 carat diamond also in a 4-prong setting.  On both 18k and platinum side of band is a hand-engraved basket-weave design.



Necklaces & Pendants




Above, a piece as versatile as it is elegant!  This design has incorporated our customers princess cut diamond into a pin-pendant-enhancer with several ways to be worn.  First, the princess cut diamond has been set with V-prongs into a pendant that features 20 French-bead-set diamonds on the bale (above, second from left).  Second, we have an enhancer/pin that features 36 French-bead-set diamonds on the face of the piece with custom gallery work in 18k yellow and white gold around the sides (above right and far right).  Thirdly, we have the whole of these pieces (above far right) that features the pendant fit into the enhancer / pin in a unique design.  Exquisite and original, this is an enviable piece of heirloom quality that will be cherished for years to come.







An elegant and colorful hinged bracelet in 14k yellow gold.  With an elaborate " braid" inspired design, almost 3 carats of pigeon-blood-red rubies and 1.5 carat of diamonds channel-set within the design, this would make a stellar addition to any jewelry collection.




Above, a one-of-a-kind hinged bracelet featuring a suite of sapphires in a ribbon design. All are princess-cut and  channel-set in 18k yellow gold bracelet. Two rows range in color from a delicate pastel blue to a cornflower blue, and then from the cornflower  blue to a range of lavender shades, which come to rest again on a pastel blue sapphire.



Wildlife-Inspired Jewelry


Necklaces, Pin & Pendants



With extraordinarily graceful lines, this pin/ pendant is designed around the shape of two lion floating bones, and is done in 14k yellow gold. Accented with petite diamond rounds.




The simple and elegant beauty of the above pendant cannot be denied.  A brilliantly colored fire opal compliments the elk ivory in shape and color.




The unique proportions of two pairs of floating bones: one pair of lion floating bones and a pair of leopard floating bones. They are accompanied by two beautiful oval tanzanites with diamond accents. Necklace done in 14k yellow gold.




This necklace is an illustrative and elegant example of the versatility found in Singleton-Moss pieces. A hand-carved leopard with black-diamond spots rests atop floating bones of the same species.  The necklace is further accessorized by hand-carved acacia leaves and a lion claw.  Carved leopard, leaves and claw are all removable to be worn alone as pin/ pendants.



Above, an incredible piece!  Made to be worn as a pin or pendant, this design is truly awe-inspiring.  With a lion claw custom-fit in 14k yellow gold, the claw has a beautifully-hued lapis accent that is trailed by 0.64 carats  of channel-set diamonds.  Both the claw and the diamonds meet at a spectacular 2.20 carat diamond. 




The Quill Necklace



A regal and versatile piece, this necklace was designed for a true individual.  Featuring a one-of-a-kind 14k yellow gold neck collar that has been custom-fit to the wearer's neck, the piece is further outfitted with multiple removable fringe accents. The neck collar has been accented by hand-engraved rope designs and is inlaid with African Porcupine quills.  The fringed-drop portion of the necklace is made of gold-tipped quills as well, and have small diamonds scattered throughout.    These fringed-drops are groups into three separate removable parts that allow for the collar to be worn alone or with a single section of the fringe accent.    A truly unique and enviable piece.






The Multi-Claw Bracelet




Ten claws of a leopard (above left) or a bear (above right) are expertly set into a hand-carved 18k hinged bracelet, which is not only custom-made to fit each of the claws, but also the individual wrist proportions of the particular client's commissioning the piece. Bracelet has stylized design at the base of each claw, hand-carved in the 18k bracelet.



The Warthog Tusk Bracelet



Above, a unique hinged bracelet! We custom-design the bracelet to fit the individual shape and size of the warthog tusk, as well as the wrist-size of the wearer.  Done in 18k yellow gold.



The Double Ivory Bracelet




This particular design exemplifies the elegance and style that Singleton-Moss puts into each piece.  We marry the raw beauty of twin elk ivories to the sophistication of the classic 14k yellow gold hinged bracelet. Each bracelet is custom-made to fit the unique form of each ivory, and is also custom-sized to the wrist of the wearer.

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Hunter's Watchbands




Each of the one-of-a-kind watchbands above illustrates the style and individuality put into each piece. We custom-design and sculpt each to the particular specifications of each customer's preferences.  Done in 14k and 18k gold, these watchbands have been designed to incorporate the wildlife they were inspired by: claws and ivories, and hand-carved motifs and figures like elk, elk tines, and lion heads. As unique as the client who commissions it!




Frogs, Dragonflys, Etc.



Linda Moss (designer) and Ken Singleton (goldsmith) have a special affinity for some of the smaller and often ignored creatures of the wild, of which frogs and dragonflies have special standing. Their ability to produce imaginative and quality designs, as well as unparalleled techniques in goldsmith production, lend themselves particularly well to the creation of such small delights. 


Our dragonfly creations exemplify this, with their intricately-cut wings and richly detailed bodies with only the finest-quality colored stones. The sweet disposition of our frogs are more unique examples of the talent at Singleton-Moss as well.  But although we may pay special attention to the beauty of frogs and dragonflies, we have not forgotten the  found in the world around us we have many other similar creations as well.







Above, a carved-amethyst frog sitting on a 18k green gold lily-pad. Across from it on the lily-pad rests a dragonfly of 18k yellow and white gold dragonfly, with a beautiful boulder opal in the abdomen.  Dragonfly is removable to be worn alone as a pin. Whole piece may be worn as a pin or pendant.

Dimensions: (dragonfly): 1.5" W x .75" L (entire piece): 1.25" W x 1.25" L

Available Now through our Online Store.







Above, another dragonfly with intricately-cut wings of 18k white gold, with a hand - carved body of 18k yellow gold.  A beautifully colored boulder opal is set in the abdomen.  This piece was designed to be worn as a pin or pendant.

      Dimensions: 1.5" W x .75" L






Introducing the newest addition to our North American Wildlife Collection, the Reynard Pin/ Pendant Necklace.  Both charming and elegant, this piece features a 19.89 ct hessonite fox hand-cut in the Idar-Oberstein region of Germany, famed for producing  exceptional pieces such as this.  The fox has been set into a subtle and flattering 18k yellow gold pin/pendant that may be worn with the adjustable 18k yellow gold baroque pearl necklace, or removed to be worn alone as a pin.  A flexible design, and an heirloom to pass down for generations.

Available Now through our Online Store.






Above, a richly detailed frog, carved of chrome green tourmaline.  It rests on an 18k green gold left studded with VS1, D-color diamonds that are reminiscent of dew-drops.  To be worn as a pin or pendant.

Dimensions: 1.25" W x 1.50" L






Above, simple and elegant may be used to describe   this imaginative piece.  A hand-carved spider of 14k yellow gold   with a brilliantly colored Mexican fire opal accenting the abdomen.  This piece may be worn as a pin.

Dimensions: 2.00" W x 1.5" L

Available Now through our Online Store.


In many ways to be considered the coup de grace of Singleton-Moss creations, this dragonfly is as close to perfection as can be reached. With intricate, hand-cut wings of 18k white gold mimicking the delicate nature of the real-thing, one can easily imagine this pin/ pendant preparing to take flight. Life-size.




What a character! " Sammy the Snail" we call our newest Signature creation.  With a 9.35 carat opal as the " shell" , this little guy has been   made in 14k yellow gold.  With such a sweet expression, this pin/ pendant would make a truly unique addition to any jewelry collection.

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