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The pieces you see below are just a sampling of how Singleton-Moss has created one-of-a-kind pieces that are inspired by North American wildlife.  When making each piece we explore the possibilities of originality in design whilst maintaining the highest standard in production and materials each item is both sophisticated and wholly original. 


But no matter what the design, each is created with the Singleton-Moss stamp of excellence in design and craftsmanship, which you will find when browsing the selection below.


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At left, a keychain featuring a hand-carved

moose skull in sterling silver.

(Id. reference: NA-M-1)




A delight for the gentleman to wear these cufflinks!  A pair of hand-carved sterling silver trout have been caught in 14k yellow gold netting.

(Id. reference: NA-M-6)


At left, hunter's cufflinks. Hand-carved whitetail bucks are

featured in 14k yellow gold.

(Id. reference: NA-M-4)

Elegant and subtle, these cufflinks features a pair of

elk ivories custom-set in 14k yellow gold.

(Id. reference: NA-M-5)



At left, a custom belt-buckle. Featuring the name of the wearer, this sterling silver belt buckle has a hand-engraved wheat design and hand-engraved name.

(Id. reference: NA-M-3)




A fisherman's dream!  A custom made sterling silver walleye money clip. These game-fish money clips can be custom made featuring different species by request. 

(Id. reference: NA-M-7)


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