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As we are a custom jewelry-design firm, we at Singleton-Moss are always creating new pieces.  We are excited to share them with you on this page, devoted solely to our most recent original designs. 


Please visit this site as often as you wish, to be current on where our imagination and customers take us!  And, if you'd like to be added to our mailings or email updates please contact us on the link below!






Using customers very fine Tanzanite we created a family heirloom that will be passed down for generations. Working with the customer to come up with a design that shows the shape of the Tanzanite plus protect it too. Adding over fifty round brilliant cut diamonds and old style personalized gallery wire work adds to the elegant look. Finished November 2010.









14 Karat Pink gold leopard floating bone necklace with detachable garnet and diamond pendant. Making this piece wearable three different ways gives the customers an option for just about any occasion Completed 10-22-09





Matching 14 Karat yellow gold elk ivory gents rings. A gift from a son to his Father that will be past on for a lasting memory of a special hunt that they shared. With a date on one side and the state and mountains on the other. Completed June 2009



POLAR BEAR waiting by a breathing hole. A piece that very was very challenging and exciting to create. Linda using all of her skills to first hand carve a wax model, then hand engrave the cast piece. And Ken using his diamond setting skills and technical skills to join the Polar Bear with the ice. Combining their talents to create one of our finest wildlife pieces. Done in 14 Karat white gold with 13 Fancy black diamonds for the breathing hole and 107 VS1 clarity F color white diamonds for the ice. Can be worn as a pendant or as a brooch Completed 10-13-09




14 Karat white gold custom made gents wedding band. Bringing together scenic views of mountains lakes and forest significant in our customers life. We created  a piece that will last and be able to be past on along with the memories. Completed May 2009




A new piece added to our fine jewelry section. A very fine 3.32 Carat sea foam green tourmaline set in 14 Karat white gold, with 14 Karat rose gold wire gallery. Thirty round diamonds with a total weight of 0.41 Carats. Available now through our online store.   Completed June 2009




14 Karat White Gold Ladies ring Using the customers ring of many years, we did a design for her using her ideas and adding a few more diamonds for a ring she can wear on her index finger. Completed July 2009





Two elk ivories from a beloved family member will keep the memories alive. Set in 14 Karat yellow gold with diamond cut garnets with a locking wire loop. Completed July 2009




Our newest addition to our wildlife ring line 14 Karat Yellow Gold Muskie and crappie gents ring Available through our on line store, can be made in a variety of fish species Completed June 2009




14 Karat Yellow Gold custom made Leopard claw bracelet After a successful hunt we can keep the memories alive to be enjoyed everyday Completed June 2009





Using the time, skill and patience of the old masters we created this heirloom Tanzanite and diamond pendant. Cut in Germany this very fine 4.95 Carat Tanzanite is the center piece. Adding  0.76 Carats of VS1 clarity diamonds and hours of hand make wire gallery work put the finishing touches on a piece that we are proud to offer. Truly one of a kind. Completed Nov 2008

Available Now Through Our Online Store.






Wanting to showcase this rare find of a orange sapphire, we went with the simple but elegant design. Using the diamond studded shank to present the color of this rare stone. Done in 14 Karat whit gold with hand engraving. Completed Nov. 2008



A new piece in our continuing line of elk ivory jewelry. With a very fine matching pair ofelk ivories and 18 fine diamonds this 14 Karat yellow gold handmade  hinged bangle bracelet makes an elegant yet casual statement. Completed Nov. 2008



A very delicate pair of wire dangle earrings with a beautifully matched pair of round peridot gems and diamonds. The peridots dangle independently from the diamonds to add to the sparkle. Completed Nov. 2008.




A pin feather tipped with a round brilliant diamond makes a tack that can add an accent to a scarf or lapel. Make in 14 Karat yellow gold.




Bursting with color these very fine matching oval Mandarin Garnets,

cut in Germany with a total weight of 4.29 Carats and accented with two fine round diamonds make a brilliant pair of dangle earrings. Completed November 2008




A custom piece in 18 Karat yellow gold that shows off the rare beauty of a very fine tanzanite with the accent of high  quality round diamonds.    Set in a way to show as much of the tanzanite as possible. Finished in June 2008




A 14 Karat yellow gold delicate hummingbird pendant with a little round diamond dangling from its long  bill. It floats gracefully from a solid wire necklace. Finished May 2008




Using the customers very beautiful elk ivories we created this 14 Karat yellow gold hand made hinged bangle bracelet adding seven round diamonds. Elk ivories of this fine deep color are rare and set up beautifully in yellow gold. Finished April 2008




A very unique 14 Karat white gold pendant. Following a design that a Father brought from his Daughters school art project,  using her imagination to combine two African animals. She calls her creation an " Eleaffe" .  We were proud to be part of the lasting memories that this piece will bring. Finished June 2008




A beautiful 14 Karat yellow gold custom made hinged bangle elk ivory and sapphire bracelet, custom made to the customers  wrist  for a very comfortable fit. It will be a lasting memory of a successful hunt. Finished April 2008




A hand-carved 14k yellow gold bear pendant.  Finished May 2008.




An exquisite custom-designed 14k yellow gold hinged bangle bracelet.  Incorporated within the piece are customer-supplied 7.5-8mm pearl rounds.  Made to fit the contours of the wearer's wrist, this piece is a classic addition to any collection.  Finished April 2008.




A 14k yellow gold custom-designed piece.  Featuring a customer's grizzly bear claw and a custom-fit 14k yellow gold cap fit with a pair of elk ivories.  An enviable trophy from the hunt.  Finished May 2008.




A 18kt white gold engagement wedding set that is both unique and classic in design, The trillion cut diamond engagement ring can be worn separate with a contemporary  look or with the pave diamond jacket for a very classic look. Finished March 2008



A custom-made 14k yellow gold pin/pendant featuring the customer's leopard floating bones.  With a 0.70 carat pear-shaped diamond accent.    Created to be worn as a pendant or a brooch.  Finished April 2008.




Combining heirloom diamonds with beautifully matched rubies to create a new piece to be past on to the next generation Finished January 2008




A lovely piece!  A 14k yellow gold hand-created sand dollar charm, a lasting memory of a trip to the islands.  Finished May 2008.




A classic design.  A 14k white gold custom-made pendant using the customers eight diamond rounds.  Incorporating diamonds from several different pieces to create a classic design for everyday wear.  Finished  April 2008.




A hand-carved elk head matched down to the tines using a photograph of the trophy elk.  This piece has been fitted the elk's ivories.  Done in 14k yellow gold, this piece is a lasting memory of the hunt.  Finished May 2008.




A stunning 14k yellow gold pendant featuring an exquisitely colored free-form 2.5 carat opal.  This unique piece has been accented with a 0.03 carat diamond that completes the design.  Finished January 2008.




Above, a classic Singleton-Moss creation: a hand-carved, hand-engraved kudu pin/ pendant.  Created in 18k yellow gold and featuring diamond eyes, this design will make an excellent addition to any collection.  Finished January 2008.





A custom-designed cuff bracelet.  Designed around a pair of beautifully colored elk ivories and each is wonderfully accented by 8 diamonds totaling 0.25 carat (VS clarity, F  color, total of 1/2 carat in the bracelet), this piece has been created in 14k yellow gold.  Finished February 2008.




Polar bear pin/ pendant in 14k white gold with diamond " ice-cap" accents and black diamond " breathing holes" as the bear waits for a seal.  Finished January 2008.




Above, a stunning set of ladies earrings!  Custom-made for a Caribbean wedding, these pieces are versatile enough to wear for years to come!  The middle and right set have been designed with removable dangles so that the pearls & stones may be worn as studs.  Finished December 2007.





A truly exquisite ladies ring, above!  Showcasing a brilliantly colored 5.5 carat Australian black opal elegantly accented by a 0.08 carat round natural yellow diamond.  A one-of-a-kind design done in 18k yellow gold, and a choice piece for anyone!    Finished January 2007.





Above, a glamorous ladies ring!  A brilliantly colored 0.83 carat pigeon-blood-red ruby has been set in a hand-carved platinum band.  It is flanked by a pair of 0.25 carat VS D-E color diamonds, and is further accented by a multitude of diamonds, also VS D-E color, totaling 0.62 carat.  The platinum band has been hand-engraved and featured hand-forged galley work on the sides of the stone.  It  also has 18k art-deco styled galley work of the wearer's children's initials hidden on the underside of the center stone, as well as the wearer's initials subtly engraved on the bottom of the band.  Truly an heirloom to be passed on for generations.  Finished September 2006.



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