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When purchasing and owning a piece of fine jewelry, it is important to know exactly how to care for your piece.   This will ensure that it will not be damaged from improper treatment or cleaning methods.

First, it is important to understand that everyday actions may affect the condition of your jewelry.                                                    

Exposing jewelry to chemicals found in daily household cleaners and even toiletries and cosmetics can have a negative affect on the condition of the piece, and may corrode or discolor precious metals.

Constant and/ or extensive exposure to light or heat will affect the condition of the piece as well.   Depending on the stone, gems may darken, fade, or bleach, and possibly weaken.   Heat or sudden temperature changes may also damage (fracture) stones.

Also, gemstones vary in composition and some are very easily scratched, chipped, and fractured.   Conscientious wear and proper storage (a protected space with padding, found in jewelry boxes and pouches) may protect against such things.

Even then, gemstone composition varies so much it is wise to get advise from your jeweler as to exactly how to care for your particular piece to extend the wearable life and overall condition of your jewelry.

Basic jewelry cleaning includes washing the majority of colored gemstone pieces with warm water and a non-detergent soap with a soft brush, like a soft-bristled toothbrush.   When doing this ensure that any drains are stopped/ closed for obvious reasons, and that the piece is not at risk of being dropped.

Cleaning jewelry as each piece is called for will maintain quality and color.   Consult the list below to find how to clean specific jewelries and gemstones. It is important to understand the needs and maintenance of your jewelry, and Singleton-Moss is happy to offer our customers complimentary jewelry cleaning with any in-store visit.

Aquamarine: Basic jewelry care.

Chrysophrase: Basic jewelry care.

Black, blue and green Onyx: Basic jewelry care.

Diamond: Basic jewelry care.

Emerald: No ultrasonic cleaning. Sensitive to temperature changes and cosmetic chemicals. A very brittle stone, may fracture easily.

Garnet: No sudden temperature changes.

Opal: No ultrasonic cleaning. Sensitive to temperature changes and cosmetic chemicals.

Pearl: No ultrasonic cleaning. Have restrung annually if frequently worn (every few days). Sensitive to temperature changes and chemicals.

Peridot: Sensitive to temperature changes.

Ruby:   Basic jewelry care.

Sapphire: Basic jewelry care.

Quartz, Amethyst and Citrine: Basic jewelry care.

Tanzanite: A very soft stone, will scratch easily.

Topaz: Basic jewelry care.

Tourmaline: No ultrasonic cleaning, Sensitive to direct sunlight.

Turquoise: No ultrasonic cleaning, Sensitive to chemicals.

  Zircon: No ultrasonic cleaning.

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