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In this selection of pins by Singleton-Moss you will find  that each piece possesses creative designs with unparalleled craftsmanship.  We design our jewelry to be functional and comfortable, whilst not compromising the refreshingly original qualities of each.  And although each pin has its own distinctive properties, they are all made using the finest quality of materials available.   As you will also find with the pins below, many are made to be multifunctional, and may be worn as a pendant as well.


When examining the pieces below, imagine the possibility of having a quality custom Singleton-Moss pin or tac of your own!



        A truly unique pin! A hand-carved spider with a  mexican fire opal in its abdomen! Pin done in 14k yellow gold. Available Now through our Online Store. 

(Id. reference: FJ-P-1) 

At right, a beautiful pin/ pendant in 18k yellow gold with a 3 carat black opal set next to a 2 carat oval tanzanite, and  accented by diamonds.

(Id. reference: FJ-P-2)


    This pin is a hand-carved, 18k yellow gold hummingbird, with a citrine eye.  Available Now through our Online Store. 

(Id. reference: FJ-P-3)




At right, this pin features a suite of purple

and  green tourmalines, and is done in 18k yellow gold.

(Id. reference: FJ-P-4) 



  A one-of-a-kind piece, this pin is a 14k yellow gold, 

hand-engraved representation of a fossilized fish.

(Id. reference: FJ-P-5) 

This pin features a brilliantly colored kunzite as 

the center stone, and is accented by round diamonds.  Pin done in 14k yellow gold.

(Id. reference: FJ-P-6) 


At right, a graceful pin/ pendant: a stingray in 18k yellow gold with diamond eyes.  Available Now through our Online Store. 

(Id. reference: FJ-P-7)


At right, a seashell with 14k yellow gold

molded to accent the curves of the shell.

(Id. reference: FJ-P-8)



  A one-of-a-kind pin/ pendant, this one a classic example of the skill and craftsmanship in Singleton-Moss designs! A dragonfly in 18k yellow and white gold, with a fire opal in its abdomen. 

(Id. reference: FJ-P-9)


At right, a thoroughly unique pin with a chrome green tourmaline frog sitting on an 18k green gold leaf that is studded with diamonds reminiscent of dew drops.

(Id. reference: FJ-P-10)


An elaboration of the dragonfly above, this pin/ pendant has a two-tone 18k dragonfly with an opal abdomen accompanied by  a carved amethyst frog.  Both are resting on an 18k yellow gold lilypad.

Available Now through our Online Store.

(Id. reference: FJ-P-11)


At right, a brilliantly colored blue topaz enhancer, accented by pearls and smaller blue topaz rounds, set in 14k yellow gold.

(Id. reference: FJ-P-12)


A pin/ pendant with a beautiful crystallized opal, accompanied by multiple rubies and an amethyst, all set in 18k yellow gold.

(Id. reference: FJ-P-13)


A beautiful addition to any jewelry collection, this fish has a hand-carved jelly opal body, 14k yellow gold fins, and has diamond " bubbles" streaming from its mouth.

(Id. reference: FJ-P-14)



This beautiful " pin" is actually a 14k yellow and white gold safety-pin, with a hand-carved teddy-bear head, and diamond eyes.  Available Now through our Online Store.

(Id. reference: FJ-P-15)


At right, a modern, abstract designed pin with

a crystallized opal set in a 14k yellow gold design.

(Id. reference: FJ-P-16)


In many ways to be considered the coup de grace

  of Singleton-Moss creations, this dragonfly is as close to perfection as can be reached. With intricate, hand-cut wings of 18k white gold mimicking the delicate nature of the real-thing, one can easily imagine this pin/ pendant preparing to take flight. Stones (chrome-green tourmaline in abdomen, and rhodolite garnet center), are custom-cut to this piece.  Life-size.

(Id. reference: FJ-P-17)

What a character!  " Sammy the Snail" we call our newest Signature creation.  With a 9.35 carat opal as the " shell" , it is hard to believe this stone has such naturally brilliant colors.  This little guy has been made in 14k yellow gold, and with such a sweet expression, this pin/ pendant would make a truly unique addition to any jewelry collection.

  Available Now through our Online Store.

(Id. reference: FJ-P-18)


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