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The fine jewelry necklaces and pendants created by Singleton-Moss are exceptional in both design and craftsmanship.  We use our skills to create pieces of the highest level of comfort and wear-ability while maintaining the unique aesthetic properties of each. As you will find with the necklaces and pendants displayed below, each is made using the highest quality gemstones and precious metals you can be assured that exceptional design and craftsmanship merges with exceptional materials in every piece we create.


When browsing our line of necklaces and pendants, explore the possibility of having a one-of-a-kind Singleton-Moss piece of your own!




At right, a beautiful 14k white gold pendant with a carved Quartz cresent moon with a beautiful little 18 Karat Yellow Fairy with White Gold Wings. The Fairy is holding a 0.10 Carat Round Brilliant Cut Diamond. This is a one of a kind piece. Completed 10-06-2015


      (Id. reference: FJ-N-41)



At right, a beautiful 14k yellow gold pin/ pendant with

      two oval crystallized opals and pearls.

      (Id. reference: FJ-N-1)


    This elegant drop necklace, done in 14k yellow gold,

      features three bezel-set black pearls.

      (Id. reference: FJ-N-2)




At right, a modern pendant displaying a 2-carat bezel set diamond.  Pendant done in 14k yellow gold.

      (Id. reference: FJ-N-3)



This unique pendant at right is designed around a beautiful bullet-shaped jelly opal, which is set in 14k yellow gold, and is accented by colored gems.

      (Id. reference: FJ-N-4)

  This 14k yellow gold necklace has a custom-made

      14k yellow gold pendant, a Chinese symbol.

      (Id. reference: FJ-N-5)


  At right, an exquisite slide/ pendant!  Large " center" stone is a 2.45 carat tanzanite, boldly accented by a row of channel-set diamonds.

Done in 18k yellow gold.

      (Id. reference: FJ-N-6)

  At right, a spare and elegant pendant: a 1-carat bezel-set diamond in a basket design. Done in 14k yellow gold.

      (Id. reference: FJ-N-7)



  At right, an exquisitely colored slide!  Featuring a bright centered tanzanite, flanked by bead-set diamonds and chrome green tourmalines, set in 14k yellow gold.

      (Id. reference: FJ-N-8)



At right, a unique and one-of-a-kind design...with pave-set baguette and round diamonds throughout the piece, done in 14k yellow gold.

      (Id. reference: FJ-N-9)



A new take on a classic design! This beautiful pendant slide displays the fine colors of its heart-shaped rhodolite garnet, and is accented by pave-set diamonds. Slide done in 14k yellow gold.

      (Id. reference: FJ-N-10)


  Although this piece was one of our earlier designs, we're finding such necklaces are gaining popularity once again!  A custom-made necklace on 14k yellow and white gold, with1.5 carat bead-set diamonds.

      (Id. reference: FJ-N-11)

The pendant at right features a beautiful 9 carat

jelly opal with a one-of-a-kind cut, set in 14k

yellow gold.

      (Id. reference: FJ-N-12)



At right, a modern barrel slide pendant, done in 14k

      yellow gold with .30 carats of bezel-set diamonds throughout.

      (Id. reference: FJ-N-13)


At right, a brilliantly colored pendant with a

center tanzanite of carats, and a row of channel-set diamonds totaling carat leading to the tanzanite. Pendant done in 18k yellow gold.

      (Id. reference: FJ-N-14)


  A custom made slide, done in 14k yellow gold

      with 1.5 carat of flush-set diamonds throughout.

      (Id. reference: FJ-N-15)


At right, another slide, this one featuring pearls on

      either end, with channel-set emeralds totaling 1.5 carat, and center channel-set diamonds totaling .75 carat. Piece done in14k yellow gold

      (Id. reference: FJ-N-16)


At right, an elegant platinum pendant featuring

      two diamonds (.20 and .33 carat) leading to the bottom stone, a .98 carat ruby. Sold as a set with matching earrings. 

Available Now through our Online Store.

      (Id. reference: FJ-N-17)


  At right, an elegant necklace with a hand-made 14k

yellow gold chain and toggle clasp (also in 14k with cabochon cut ceylon sapphires on either end.

      (Id. reference: FJ-N-18)


This brilliant piece features a princess-cut 5

carat diamond, and is accented by bead-set diamonds and pave-set black diamonds. Set in platinum pendant.

      (Id. reference: FJ-N-19)



A truly unique piece!  Two corgie dogs,

hand-carved by designer Linda Moss, are framed in a heart and accented with a 1 carat diamond.

Done in 14k yellow gold.

      (Id. reference: FJ-N-20)


  At right, a pendant done in 14k yellow gold, with a

      beautifully colored jelly opal with a chevron-cut, accented by a chevron cut .15 carat diamond.

      (Id. reference: FJ-N-21)



  At left, a modern slide done in 14k yellow gold,

with a black onyx and channel-set diamonds totaling .70 carat.

      (Id. reference: FJ-N-22)



Simply elegant! This pendant features a 2 carat

      brilliant cut diamond in a 4-prong 14k yellow gold setting.

      (Id. reference: FJ-N-23)


This unique pin/ pendant is designed around a crystallized opal, and is accompanied by multiple rubies and an amethyst, and was done in 18k yellow gold.

      (Id. reference: FJ-N-24)


  This necklace features three hand-carved name charms, done in 14k yellow gold, and are accented by colored gems.

      (Id. reference: FJ-N-25)



Close-up: At right, a beautiful example of the fine craftsmanship in Singleton-Moss productions.  An approximately 1.5 carat bezel-set diamond, in a platinum pendant basket.

      (Id. reference: FJ-N-26)



At right, a 14k yellow gold pendant with a hand carved design and a chrome green tourmaline

center stone.

      (Id. reference: FJ-N-27)



A custom-designed modern slide with channel-

      set diamonds.  Slide done in 14k yellow gold.

      (Id. reference: FJ-N-28)


  At right, an brilliantly colored pendant featuring a

      trio of bezel-set jelly opals. Pendant in 14k yellow gold.

      (Id. reference: FJ-N-29)



At right, a classic cameo with bead-set diamonds,

      contrasted against a rice pearl-strand necklace.

      (Id. reference: FJ-N-30)


At right, a classic design using beautifully colored gemstones.  Eight diamonds totaling .16 carat encircle a .53 carat ruby. Set in platinum.

      (Id. reference: FJ-N-31)


A stunning ladies pendant!  This beautiful piece features a 6.39 carat Lightning Ridge opal, and is accented with diamonds graduating in size that total 0.215 carat.  Set in 18k yellow gold, this is a one-of-a-kind design to be treasured for a lifetime.

      (Id. reference: FJ-N-32)



At right, a slide pendant with a brilliantly colored, 7 carat  tanzanite, a 2 carat chrome green tourmaline, and bead-set diamond accents totaling .30 carat. Done in 14k yellow gold.

      (Id. reference: FJ-N-33)



This elegant diamond pendant has a center diamond of .75 carats, with smaller diamond accents above it. Done in 14k white gold.

(Id. reference: FJ-N-34)

At right, a truly beautiful pendant! This piece features a brilliantly colored heart-shaped rhodolite garnet that is accented by two " ribbons" of channel-set diamonds. In 14k yellow gold, with diamonds set in 14k white gold.

(Id. reference: FJ-N-35)

An exquisite ladies pendant!  Featuring a beautifully colored seafoam beryl briollette, accented by a trio of diamond rounds.  Accompanied with the necklace featured at right, this piece is both elegant and eye-catching.  Done in 14k white gold.

(Id. reference: FJ-N-36)

A versatile and sophisticated pin/ pendant, featured at right.  A trio of large pearls are set into a flattering 14k yellow gold design. 

(Id. reference: FJ-N-37)

An exceptionally stunning pendant!  An F-color internally flawless 1.50 carat diamond has been bezel-set below an equally stunning ruby and a small diamond (also bezel-set).  Both the large diamond and the ruby have personalized gallery work (pictured on right).  The French bead-set diamonds on the bale complete the design.  The entire pendant is done in 18k yellow gold, with the feature diamond in a white gold bezel.

(Id. reference: FJ-N-38)




A piece as versatile as it is elegant!  This design has incorporated our customers princess cut diamond into a pin-pendant-enhancer with several ways to be worn.  First, the princess cut diamond has been set with V-prongs into a pendant that features 20 French-bead-set diamonds on the bale (above, second from left).  Second, we have an enhancer/pin that features 36 French-bead-set diamonds on the face of the piece with custom gallery work in 18k yellow and white gold around the sides (above right and far right).  Thirdly, we have the whole of these pieces (above far right) that features the pendant fit into the enhancer/ pin in a unique design.  Exquisite and original, this is an enviable piece of heirloom quality that will be cherished for years to come.

(Id. reference: FJ-N-39)

A stunning pendant, featuring a large Ceylon blue sheen moonstone encircled by 14 Montana sapphires.  Set into 18k white gold, the pendant is accented by hand-made gallery work running the length of the pendant sides.  A one-of-a-kind piece, further completed with a continuous diamond chain.

(Id. reference: FJ-N-40)



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