Fine Jewelry Bracelets


The fine jewelry bracelets that you see here are representative of the one-of-a-kind sophistication found in each of the pieces produced by Singleton-Moss. 


As you will find in the description of each bracelet below, we use only the finest quality gemstones and precious metals available. And, with Singleton-Moss quality design and craftsmanship, each bracelet has the comfort and graceful elegance that will make it a pleasure to wear for

countless years to come.


Imagine Singleton-Moss creating a one-of-a-kind bracelet for you!



  At right, multiple rows of pigeon-blood-red rubies and

VS clarity diamonds seem to be braided together in this 18k yellow gold custom-designed hinged bracelet.

(Id. reference: FJ-B-1)


Elegance defined: a hinged bracelet featuring a suite of sapphires in a ribbon design. All are princess-cut and channel-set in the 18k yellow gold band. Two rows range in color from a delicate  pastel blue to a cornflower blue, and then from the cornflower blue to a range of lavender shades, which come to rest again on a pastel blue sapphire.

(Id. reference: FJ-B-2)


A colorful bracelet, at right. Rubies, sapphires and diamonds are flush-set in this 14k yellow gold hinged bangle bracelet.

(Id. reference: FJ-B-3)


At right, a simple gold band bracelet. Custom-made,

this hinged bracelet was done in 14k white gold.

(Id. reference: FJ-B-4)

At right, a custom-made watchband for this

malachite-faced watch. In 18k yellow gold, band designed with hinge and form that complements style of watch.

(Id. reference: FJ-B-5)


At right, a 14k yellow gold hinged bracelet styled to match the above sapphire-suite bracelet, also for the same customer! This simple and elegant piece would make a wonderful addition to any jewelry collection.

(Id. reference: FJ-B-6)

An elegant hinged bracelet created to match a previously designed ring.  A row of channel-set diamonds meet with a row of channel-set rubies and diamonds, which are both accented by a larger bezel-set diamond.  In 14k yellow gold.

(Id. reference: FJ-B-7)

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