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What is a custom design?

A custom design is a piece of jewelry that is wholly unique from the original design to the handcrafted model of the design through to the unparalleled craftsmanship and goldsmithing used to construct it.  Please see our guide of the custom design process for more information regarding this.


What exactly does " one-of-a-kind" mean?

One-of-a-kind means exactly that.  When we create a unique design for a customer we destroy all molds used to produce it we do not sell any other copies or reproductions of it.  When given the opportunity we also prefer to use one-of-a-kind stones that also support a designs unique proportions.


How is my jewelry designed?

Your jewelry is designed in collaboration with you, our customer.  We collaborate each step of the custom process to ensure that you are getting a piece you will enjoy for a lifetime, and we build them to last as long.


How long will it take for me to get my jewelry?

It truly depends on each design the more complex the design the longer it may take for us to produce it.  But this timeframe also ensures we are giving each design the time it takes to make each the best it can be.


What kind of payments do you accept?

We happily accept cash, checks, credit, and bank transfers.


Do you have any payment plans?

We do not offer any payment plans.  We keep pricing low by not providing any finance charges and plans that factor this in.


What kind of materials will be used?

We offer 14k and 18k gold, and platinum.  We consider our customer's budget and design requirements when choosing said materials.


How are my gems chosen?

We offer the finest quality gems, but will use items that work within our customer's budget.


Do you have any guarantees?

Singleton-Moss stands behind our craftsmanship and the pieces we produce.  We offer free cleaning and inspection of the jewelry we produce.  If a jewelry item has damages due to production defaults we will repair or replace the problem at no further cost to the customer.  Of course, normal wear upon a piece is not included in this guarantee, but we offer tips on jewelry care and maintenance to prevent any such occurrences.


Will I get an appraisal?

We offer a free appraisal of each custom-designed piece of jewelry.  This formal appraisal can provided for insurance means as well. 


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