African-Inspired Rings


The African-inspired rings produced by Singleton-Moss   possess not only originality and style, but the elegance and comfort in design that makes each ring a true masterpiece.


The rings you see below are exemplary of the unique beauty and charm found in the wildlife of Africa our goal with these rings is to produce wearable designs that honor that which they're inspired by.  Whether our African-inspired rings are done in 14k gold, 18k gold, or even platinum, all are done with the Singleton-Moss standard of excellence in design and craftsmanship.


Explore these pieces and see what we can do for you!




At left, an intricately detailed, hand-carved crocodile ring. Designed with crocodile wrapping around finger, with tail in mouth. In 18k yellow gold with ruby eyes.

Available Now through our Online Store.

(Id. reference: AW-R-1)




Another wonderful ring, hand-carved with two giraffes in 14k yellow and white gold mirroring one another.

(Id. reference: AW-R-2)



Another beautiful and elegant hand-carved ring with

two giraffes mirroring one another, both in 14k yellow 


(Id. reference: AW-R-3)




Truly a one-of-a-kind ring, this carved warthog head would make a charming addition to any jewelry collection. In 14k yellow gold.   Available Now through our Online Store.

(Id. reference: AW-R-4)



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