African-Inspired Claw Jewelry 


Our African-inspired line of jewelry has many pieces that are designed around or are accented by the claw from an African cat, most often being from a lion or leopard. 


You will find each of these items displayed and described in more depth on the pages categorized by jewelry type, but here you will find a wide array of examples of claw jewelry to present the capabilities and past pieces done by Singleton-Moss.


Necklaces & Pendants

Bracelets & Belt Buckles



Necklaces & Pendants

At left, a simple yet elegant lion claw pendant: claw is set into custom-fitted 14k yellow gold cap.

(Id. reference: AW-N-C1)


Another example of our simple pendants, at left. A lion claw set into a 14k yellow gold custom-fit cap, and further stylized with " sand-blast" textured effect.

(Id. reference: AW-N-C2)



At left, an excellent illustration of a lion claw pendant in a graceful 14k yellow gold designed cap, custom-fit to claw.

(Id. reference: AW-N-C3)



The leopard claw, at left, is set in a noveau-esque designed pendant, done in 14k yellow gold. You will find that such designs may be worn in multiple fashions, as shown further below.

(Id. reference: AW-N-C4)


At left, just one example of how we may incorporate fine gemstones into our lion-claw jewelry designs. This one has a diamond round set to accent the natural form of the claw. All are set in 14k yellow gold.

(Id. reference: AW-N-C5)


The lion claw pendant may be accented by a single stone like a diamond or sapphire round, or a multitude of small diamond rounds that you see

at left.  Done in 14k yellow gold.

(Id. reference: AW-N-C6)


A finely-detailed hand-carved lion in 14k yellow gold sits atop a 14k yellow gold cap and the lion claw below it.

(Id. reference: AW-N-C7)


At left, a hand-carved leopard with diamond accents makes its way down the side of this custom piece. Claw cap and leopard in 14k yellow gold.

(Id. reference: AW-N-C8)



An incredible piece!  Made to be worn as a pin or pendant, this design is truly awe-inspiring.  With a lion claw custom-fit in 14k yellow gold, the claw has a beautifully-hued lapis accent that is trailed by 0.64 carats of channel-set diamonds.  Both the claw and the diamonds meet at a spectacular 2.20 carat diamond.

This simple and elegant necklace with symmetrical lion claws is designed to flatter.  Necklace is finished in 14k yellow gold.           

(Id. reference: AW-N-C9) 


14 Karat Yellow Gold Lion Claw and Diamond pendant follwing the graceful lines of the claw itself

(Id. reference: AW-N-C10)



This stunning 18 Karat Yellow Gold Double Lion Claw pendant with a spectacular Trillion Cut Tanzanite showcases the natural beauty of the Lion claws that will bring back memories forever.

(Id. reference: AW-N-C12)




This is one of the biggest claws we have mounted. In 14 Karat Yellow Gold, weighing around 2 Ounces. A real show stopper.

(Id. reference: AW-N-C12)



This necklace is an elegant representation of lion floating bones, set in 14k yellow gold. This piece is accompanied by a removable lion claw pin/ pendant.  Claw pendant has a 14k yellow gold cap.

(Id. reference: AWFB-N7)


At left, an original design, custom-made to fit these specific lion floating bones.  Set in 14k yellow gold and accented by diamonds, this necklace is also accompanied by a multi-functional lion claw, made to be worn alone as a pendant.  Claw is set in 14k yellow gold cap with row of diamonds.

(Id. reference: AWFB-N8)


This necklace is an illustrative and elegant example of the versatility found in Singleton-Moss pieces.  A hand-carved leopard with black-diamond spots rests atop floating bones of the same species.  The necklace is further accessorized by hand-carved acacia leaves and a lion claw.  Carved leopard, leaves and claw are all designed to be removable so they may be worn alone as pin/ pendants.

(Id. reference: AWFB-N5)


14 Karat Yellow Gold Leopard Floating Bone Necklace with removable Diamond and Tanzanite pendant

(Id. reference: AWFB-N14)


This piece shows that no two claws are the same. This one shows very nice colors not seen in all claws. The claw pendant can be removed to be worn on a leather cord, and the floating bone necklace can be worn by itself.

(Id. reference: AWFB-N15)


At left, a highly original and detailed necklace with a hand-sculpted running leopard atop leopard floating bones. A removable leopard claw pendant with a styled cap adds to the uniqueness of this piece.  All is done in 14k yellow gold.

(Id. reference: AWFB-N6)



Bracelets & Belt Buckles

At left, a Singleton-Moss signature      piece!  A rare design that cannot be imitated, this item reflects the innovative design and exquisite craftsmanship that is a hallmark of Singleton-Moss creations.  This hinged bracelet is composed of ten leopard claws subtly accented, and are set in 18k yellow gold.

(Id. reference: AW-B9)


sSterling Silver Custom Made Belt Buckle using customers Lion Claws after a successful hunt. With the Cape Buffalo representing the P.H. that helped with the hunt. The claws are set in from the back before the back was attached so they are very secure.                3 1/4 X 2 3/4  inches

(Id. reference: AW-BB-3)


Adding a few personal touches to this custom made Lion Claw Belt Buckle will add to the memories for this client. Each Belt Buckle is a one of a kind design done in 14 Karat Yellow Gold.

(Id. reference: AW-BB-1)


Using a piece of jewelry from the customers past was a challange, but we were able to make it work. The client will have fond memories of the hunt and the past when wearing this beautiful Belt Buckle done in 14 Karat Yellow Gold

(Id. reference: AW-BB-2)


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