African-Inspired Bracelets   


Our line of African-inspired bracelets are a must-have for virtually any fine-jewelry collector. Our designs are not only stylish and elegant, but also wholly original in their presentation of their African-based materials. 


Most of these bracelets are one-of-a-kind pieces, custom-made around tusks, horns, claws or other game-based items.  Other creations have been hand-carved and designed with meticulous attention to detail.  We are dedicated to creating pieces that honor their inspirational roots while maintaining only the highest standard of comfort and aesthetics. 




14 Karat Yellow Gold Leopard floating Bone Gents Bracelet, Hinged Bangle This is another example of the options that work well with the floating bones. The size and the curves of the bones worked great for the customers wrist.   



(Id. reference: AW-B13)

14 Karat Yellow Gold Lion Floating Bone and Diamond Bracelet.One of our most challenging custom designs that worked perfect for our customers. The curve of the Bones matched the customers wrist exactly. (as seen below)

(Id. reference: AW-B11)



A satisfied customer with the Lion Floating Bone Bracelet described above.

(Id. reference: AW-B11)



At left, an elephant-hair bracelet in 14k yellow gold.

(Id. reference: AW-B1)



This African Big Five Custom Gents Bracelet to the left and in the next five photos is the custom piece that Master Jewelers would hope to do at least once in their careers. Combining our talents to complete this one of kind piece, we created a bracelet of memories for our client.

(Id. reference: AW-B12)



Six months of measuring,carving wax models and many consultations and fittings with our client we completed this magnificent bracelet.

(Id. reference: AW-B12)



Combining 18 Karat Yellow Gold, 14 Karat Yellow and White Gold with a Total Weight of 15 1/2 Ounces.

(Id. reference: AW-B12)



With a hidden hindge and two hand made hidden safty catches it has a very comfortable feel on the wrist

(Id. reference: AW-B12)



Copying a photo of our client after a successful hunt put the final touch to the African Big Five Bracelet.

(Id. reference: AW-B12)



An elegant hinged bracelet of natural elephant hair, banded

with 14k yellow gold.

(Id. reference: AW-B2)



The Big Five: hand-carved silhouettes of the big five hunting trophies in 14k yellow gold and a gold-rope design wrap around natural elephant hair. 

(Id. reference: AW-B3)



A sophisticated conversation starter: hinged bangle bracelets of 14k yellow gold and elephant nails!

(Id. reference: AW-B4)



An elegant and colorful bracelet, this piece highlights a carved elephant ivory and is spotted with rubies, sapphires and emeralds.  Made in 14k yellow gold.

(Id. reference: AW-B5)



Beautifully detailed, this hand-carved bracelet in 14k yellow gold has twin giraffes gracefully mirroring one another. 

(Id. reference: AW-B6)



Spare and elegant, this hinged bracelet features a warthog tusk set in 18k yellow gold. These such pieces are custom-fitted to each customer's wrist. 

(Id. reference: AW-B7)



Sleek in design, this hinged bracelet is made of 14k yellow gold designed around the tusks of an African springbok.  Available Now through our Online Store.

(Id. reference: AW-B8)



At left, a Singleton-Moss signature piece!  A rare design that cannot be imitated, this item reflects the innovative design and exquisite craftsmanship that is a hallmark of Singleton-Moss creations.  This hinged bracelet is composed of ten leopard claws subtly accented, and are set in 18k yellow gold.

(Id. reference: AW-B9)


A one-of-a-kind piece, this watchband has two hand-carved lions in 14k yellow gold, designed to accent the watch-face.

(Id. reference: AW-B10)   


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