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The rings you'll find below represent the Singleton-Moss trademark skill of creating original designs that possess unsurpassed quality in materials and craftsmanship.


We are proud to display pieces that are both unique and classic, all of which illustrate the skill on production and beauty of the fine-quality gemstones we use. These rings may be done in 14k gold, 18k gold, platinum, or a mix of these precious metals, but all have the same attention to detail and excellence that make each a timeless jewelry to be passed on to future generations, and surely one to be enjoyed for a lifetime.



This Ladies Conservatory Ring, at right, features a brilliantly colored 2.82 carat blue sapphire flanked by a pair of chubby trillion-cut mandarin garnets totaling 3.39 carats.  This one-of-a-kind 18k yellow gold ladies ring also features three sets of platinum gallery-work under each of the stones. 

Available Now through our Online Store.

    (Id. reference: FJ-R-L-1)


The elegant custom piece is a ladies 18k yellow gold and platinum ring. The center stone is a cushion-cut 2 carat sapphire in a 6-prong setting, and is flanked on either side by round brilliant diamonds weighing approximately .75 carat each.

    (Id. reference: FJ-R-L-2)

 This vibrantly-colored custom ring has a large oval pink-orange citrine accented by a channel-set chrome green tourmaline and small diamond rounds, also channel-set. Ring done in 14k yellow gold.

    (Id. reference: FJ-R-L-3)



 A classically beautiful custom-made eternity ring with 25

.02 carat diamonds French bead-set in a 14k yellow and white gold band.

    (Id. reference: FJ-R-L-4)


At right, an elegant and unique mothers ring!  Composed of four 1 carat stones (two amethysts, a peridot, and a blue topaz) accented by diamonds running up the side of the band and on either side of the stones, this beautiful piece was done in 14k yellow gold.

    (Id. reference: FJ-R-L-5)

A true attention-getter!  Custom designed with a center

bezel-set 2.01 carat diamond accented by multiple rows of diamonds.  Done in platinum and 18k yellow gold.

    (Id. reference: FJ-R-L-6)


At right, an 18k yellow gold ladies ring with a hand-

    carved design in the band. Stone is a 2.5 carat bezel-set oval opal.

    (Id. reference: FJ-R-L-7)



  At right, a bold ladies ring in 14k yellow gold. Center stone is a bezel-set diamond accented by cabochon sapphires. Also accented by two rows of channel-set diamonds and a single row of channel-set tsavorite garnets.

    (Id. reference: FJ-R-L-8)



This one-of-a-kind ring has a freeform Australian opal

    bezel set into a beautiful 18k yellow gold ring of complimentary design. Available Now through our Online Store.

    (Id. reference: FJ-R-L-9)


 At right, a custom-designed ring with stunning colors! Center stone is a 2 carat oval tanzanite in a partial bezel-setting, and is flanked by a pair of black opals of 1 carat each, and a pair of trilliant-cut diamonds of .20 carat each. Piece is further accented by 3 .05 carat channel-set diamonds on either side of center design. Ring done in 18k yellow gold.

    (Id. reference: FJ-R-10)


At right, a one-of-a-kind ladies ring in 18k yellow

 gold with an equally unique 4.5 carat freeform opal.

    (Id. reference: FJ-R-L-11)



 At right, one of our Conservatory Rings: An elegant 18k yellow gold ladies ring, with hand-carved platinum scroll-work details. Center 3.6 carat chrome green tourmaline is flanked by two mandarin garnets of approximately 1 carat each.   Available Now through our Online Store.

    (Id. reference: FJ-R-L-12)

A one-of-a-kind ladies ring of elegant proportions, at right!  Featuring a beautifully colored 2 carat oval blue sapphire that is finely accented by pave-set diamonds totaling almost one-half a carat (at 0.49 carats).  Set in 18k yellow gold, this ring is designed for a lifetime of wear.  Available Now Through our Online Store

(Id. reference: (OS)FJ-R-L010).




At right, an elegant 18k yellow gold ladies ring with a hand-engraved design in band. Center stone in a .87 carat bezel-set champagne color diamond. Available Now through our Online Store.

    (Id. reference: FJ-R-L-14)




At right, a beautiful custom-mdae ladies ring with a 4.5 carat bezel-set pink tourmaline bezel-set with channel-set diamonds totaling 1 carat in an elegantly designed 14k yellow gold band.

    (Id. reference: FJ-R-L-15)


This unique piece has a 3 carat, freeform honey opal in a modified flush setting in this bold and elegant 18k yellow gold ring. Available Now through our Online Store.

    (Id. reference: FJ-R-L-16)



This custom ring features a large cushion-cut aqua as the center stone in a partial bezel-setting.  The aque is accented by a row of channel-set diamonds leading up to it on either side of the band.  In 14k yellow gold, ring also has 14k white gold gallery work of the customer's initials. (See below picture)

    (Id. reference: FJ-R-L-17)


A truly exceptional piece!  This platinum ring's center stone is a brilliant 1.80 carat bezel-set Burmese ruby.  It is surrounded by 0.36 carats of French-bead set diamonds that only further compliment the shape and color of the ruby.  On either side of this center round "table" are a pair of heart-shaped 0.27 carat diamonds of VVS quality and D color.  Leading away from these diamonds is a hand-engraved wheat-patterned design running fully around the band.  On the sides of the center round "table" of the ring are hand-formed 18k yellow gold gallery work, each of which is a highly stylized "F" initial.  Between each pair is a small diamond accent that completes the design.  Beautiful, elegant, and an enviable addition to any jewelry collection.

(Id reference: FJ-R-L-18) 

  Similar to an above ring, yet still one-of-a-kind. This

    brilliantly colored freeform fire opal is bezel-set into an 8k yellow gold band of complimentary design.

    (Id. reference: FJ-R-L-19)


 At right, truly a beautiful piece! A channel-set 2.5 carat oval tanzanite of stunning color is flanked on either side by channel-set princess-cut rows of pink tourmalines.

    (Id. references: FJ-R-L-20)

 The ladies ring, at right, is both graceful and elegant. This beautifully colored cushion-cut tanzanite is channel-set into a custom-designed 18k yellow gold band.

    (Id. reference: FJ-R-L-21)


At right, a thoroughly modern ladies ring! A diamond round accented by a pear-shaped green diamond in this 14k yellow gold piece.

    Available Now through our Online Store.

    (Id. reference: FJ-R-L-22)



At right, an 18k yellow gold and platinum ladies

    ruby ring. Center ruby is bezel-set into 18k yellow gold, with flush-set round ruby accents set in platinum throughout the piece.

    (Id. reference: FJ-R-L-23)


At right, an absolutely stunning ring. Done in 18k

    yellow gold, this piece has two freeform-cut opals bezel-set into band with a yellow diamond accent, also bezel-set.

Available Now through our Online Store.

    (Id. reference: FJ-R-L-24)




A truly exquisite ladies ring, at right!  Showcasing a brilliantly colored 5.5 carat Australian black opal elegantly accented by a 0.08 carat round natural yellow diamond.  A one-of-a-kind design done in 18k yellow gold, and a choice piece for anyone!

 Available Now Through our Online Store

(Id. reference: (OS)FJ-R-L-11).



 At right, another tanzanite ring, this one a 14k yellow gold piece with a 2.5 carat oval, channel-set tanzanite.

    (Id. reference: FJ-R-L-26)


 At right, a unique design for a ladies ring in 18k

    yellow gold with multiple "curled" rows of channel-set rubies and diamonds, accenting diamonds set on the right.

    (Id. reference: FJ-R-L-27)



The stunning Conservatory Ring at right features an oval blue-green tourmaline in a partial bezel-setting as the center stone and two pear-shaped tanzanites flanking it in V-prong settings. Done in 18k yellow gold, this ring has exceptional hand-carved platinum scrollwork at the base of each crown.

    Available Now through our Online Store.

    (Id. reference: FJ-R-L-28)



 At right, a modern and elegant ring done in 18k yellow gold with a rectangular-cut blue-green tourmaline, flanked by bezel-set tsavorite garnets.

    (Id. reference: FJ-R-L-29)


 At right, a bold ladies ring! Tapered-baguette rubies are channel-set in two "folds" of this ring, and are accented by numerous channel-set diamond rounds graduating in size, and by a bezel-set diamond weighing approximately .50 carat. Done in 14k yellow gold.

    (Id. reference: FJ-R-L-30)



A beautiful modern ladies ring!  Featuring a brilliantly colored 1.07 carat blue-green tourmaline, that is wonderfully accented by a pair of VS1, F color diamonds totaling 0.55 carats.  Done in 18k white gold.

(Id. reference: FJ-R-L-31)



At right, a thoroughly modern and elegant ring! A platinum band, with a ceylon sapphire in a 4-prong platinum crown and accented by channel-set diamonds on either side.

    (Id. reference: FJ-R-L-32)




At right, a thoroughly elegant ring! A trillion tanzanite accents by natural fancy yellow diamond rounds graduating in size. Hand-made platinum band is accented 18k yellow gold gallery-work below both the tanzanite and diamonds on both sides of the crowns. An enviable piece.

    (Id. reference: FJ-R-L-33)




This 18k white gold ring features a center diamond surrounded by 36 .015 carat pave-set diamonds on a square "table-top", the whole of which is accented by channel-set princess-cut rubies set into the band on either side.  The ring also has hand-made 18k white gold gallery work on all sides..

(Id. reference: FJ-R-L-34)



At right, a true attention-getter!  A large Ceylon-blue sapphire mirrors a large diamond round, and are accented by a multitude of smaller diamonds pave-set into the white gold band. 

(Id. reference: FJ-R-L-33)

An exquisite ring, inspired by a family heirloom. This ring (half of a his-and-hers anniversary set) features brilliantly colored princess-cut rubies amidst pave-set diamonds.  Additional gallery work running down one side of the band with a ruby accent perfectly finishes the piece.  Done in 14k yellow gold.  A piece to be cherished for a lifetime.

(Id. reference: FJ-R-L-36)

A stunning ladies ring!  A custom-designed ring has been created to exhibit this beautifully colored 8.17 carat spessartite garnet.  In 14k yellow gold, this is a ring for any occasion.

(Id. reference: FJ-R-L-37) 

At right, an elegant and timeless ring!  Featuring a stunning 3 carat opal round in a partial bezel-setting that is accented by a pair of diamond rounds. 

Done in white gold.

(Id. reference: FJ-R-L-38)

At right, an 18k yellow gold gents ring with a bezel-set 1.25 carat oval opal from Lightning Ridge, Australia.

    (Id. reference: FJ-R-G-1)









At right, an amazing gents ring with a 2.75 carat

    star sapphire, in a partial bezel-set in this 18k yellow gold band. .

    (Id. referenc: FJ-R-G-2)


  A classic gents ring, at right, made in 14k yellow and white gold, with three princess-cut diamonds totaling .40 carat are channel-set into band. With "sand-blast" textured effect. Available Now through our Online Store.

    (Id. reference: FJ-R-G-3)


At right, a bold 14k yellow gold gents ring with

    a brilliant fire opal inlaid with black onyx into ring.

    (Id. reference: FJ-R-G-4)




 At right, an 18k yellow and white gold gents ring with hand-engraved basket-weave design around band. Also, a customized hand-engraved initial at the top of the band, accented by a .60 carat bezel-set diamond.

    (Id. reference: FJ-R-G-5)



The gents ring, at right, has a boldly colored green

    tourmaline channel-set into the 14k yellow gold band. Available Now through our Online Store.

    (Id. reference: FJ-R-G-6)




At right, a thoroughly unique gents ring! A hand-carved eagle head is complimented with a flag-design and bead-set diamonds.

    (Id. reference: FJ-R-G-7)




At right, a ruby and diamond gents ring done in 18k

    yellow and white gold.  Center diamond, .60 carat, is bezel-set with princess-cut diamonds and rubies set in complimenting design around it.

    (Id. reference: FJ-R-G-8)




 At right, an extraordinary piece! This 18k yellow gold gents ring has a 2.53 carat round brilliant diamond in a 14k white gold bezel. With hand-engraved basket-weave design around band.

    Available Now through our Online Store.

    (Id. reference: FJ-R-G-9)



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